Our Story

Pure Juice Cafe is located in Arlington Heights. Since 2012, we’ve been advocates of vitality through raw & living foods. Guided by an international palate, we fuse unique ingredients from around the world to create the freshest foods, flavors, and textures and are proud to offer a completely vegan and gluten-free menu.

We provide a convenient, high-quality menu of freshly pressed juices, smoothies, and vegan food options with the purest form of nutrition available today. Pure Juice makes everything in small batches from our home base in Arlington Heights.

Our cold-pressed juices are never pasteurized or HPP’d (high-pressure processed). We provide a space where food can be trusted. Our goal is to inspire people to eat nutrient-dense, pure food that nourishes our bodies and makes incorporating clean eating a breeze.

Our people



Paulina founded Pure Juice in 2012 with a mission to bring high-quality fruits and vegetables to her community. Upon moving to the States, a fast-paced lifestyle quickly became her new way of living and soon after, she realized she had lost her ability to live a balanced and fulfilling life. In her yearning to get back to wholesome living and vitality, she was exposed to the raw food cuisine and juicing lifestyle and has been exploring it ever since.



You may not see Martin as often, as he is typically cold-pressing fruits and vegetables in our kitchen to create the juices in your cleanse and in our fridges. he cold-presses on Mondays and Thursdays to provide the freshest and most nutrient-dense juice to you, working diligently to create consistency in taste and flavor across all of our juices.

(Hiring!) Kitchen Creatives

Our kitchen creatives work hard to make your meals clean and easy. The kitchen is an essential component to Pure Juice that goes mostly unseen. This is where we experiment as well as craft all our signature food items (Yes, Peanut Butter Balls too!)

(Hiring!) Team Barista

Our Baristas are a fun-loving team of health-conscious creatives and driven people. They love learning about our customers and catching up with our regulars. Every smoothie, juice and Acai Bowl we make is made by them with love and care.

Does this sounds like a job you’d love? Get in touch.